• About DYP™

    Discovering Your Power, Your Way

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    Life before 2001 was “normal”. My husband and I worked, raised our family, and lived our lives. Then a routine dental visit and oral cancer screening changed everything!


    My cancer journey began with that simple cancer screening and several loooooooonng years later, I entered remission January 22, 2013. As difficult as it’s been, this extraordinary experience has been more than a journey of health, but a journey to discover my power. Rather than mope away, crying into the wind and wailing, “Why me?” the opposite occurred: I became highly motivated to help others DYP™ and learn to manage the big and small challenges in life.


    Life is still unpredictable and sometimes messy, but with DYP™ and my DYP Emergency Kit™ I am better prepared to face the obstacles ahead of me. With DYP™, you can too!


    My name is Joana Breckner. I am a mom, wife, business owner, three-time oral cancer survivor turned advocate, accidental motivational speaker, and founder of DYP™.

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    Discovering Your Power, Your Way

    and the DYP Emergency Kit™

  • What is DYP™?

    An inventory of what you can and cannot rely on for strength, inspiration, motivation,
    and support to help you regain focus when life feels out of control.

    A daily reminder that you have the power to manage and cope with the challenge of life.

    Tapping into the anchors of your body, mind, and spirit
    so you can face your challenges, move forward, and find peace and clarity.

    Power that is unique to YOU, infinite, and everywhere YOU are.
    It is completely accessible any time you need it!

    A tool to better prepare you for the unpredictability of life and your response to it.

    A safe and open community sharing powerful ideas at #DYPYourWay

    Discover what DYP™ means to you with your own DYP Emergency Kit™

  • What DYP™ is NOT

    • About my cancer journey and being a cancer survivor.

    • A promise, a cure, a guaranteed happy ending or a magic wand miraculously
    making all the bad or uncomfortable disappear.

    • A substitute for professional help.

    • A requirement to purchase anything or learn a new skill.

    • Me telling you how to discover your power, your way.
    DYP™ honors each person’s unique and individual power.

    DYP™ is YOUR power, your way.

  • Acknowledgements

    I love reading the Acknowledgements in books. It’s a behind the scenes tour of who and what inspired an author to get to the place of publication. I also love acknowledgements because I am huge on gratitude, which is a primary staple to DYP. Gratitude keeps us grounded and provides perspective when we need it the most.


    First and foremost, my acknowledgements and gratitude goes to YOU, my readers, visitors, participants, and audience! Your feedback, encouragement, honesty and support are the power and the fuel which drive my DYP™. I am eternally grateful to the power YOU have given me! To share in the gratitude of all who have helped me get to where I am today, visit the Acknowledgement page.

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    "No one

    is powerless."


    –Joana Breckner


    DYP™ the DYP Emergency Kit™ and PowerButton™ Products are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

  • "I'm certain that after you hear Joana speak, you find the power to fight! I wholeheartedly endorse Joana Breckner as a speaker that needs to be heard, sooner rather than later."

    - Steve Hoppel

    President, Kiwanis Club of Moorpark

    "Joana is a role model for all women who are forced to overcome obstacles that were not planned during their journey."

    - Amy Corneau

    President Soroptimist International of Simi Valley