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What Is in Your Emergency Kit?

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What is in your emergency kit…toilet paper, hand sanitizer, flashlights, food, water, radio, first aid supplies? Bare necessities in the event of a fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, or any natural disaster.

What is in your emergency kit when the world comes crashing down and you can barely breathe? Disasters which shake you to the core like illness, divorce, bankruptcy, addiction or depression? Maybe the emergency isn’t so big and daunting…you’re stuck in traffic, in a fight with a friend, running late, nervous trying something new, or scared to go to the dentist since you haven’t been in years. Big or small…how do you manage life’s moments of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, discomfort, fear or chaos? The answer is DYP™.

DYP™ is Discovering Your Power, Your Way. The DYP Emergency Kit™ is a personal inventory of the who’s, what’s, where’s, why’s and how’s you lean on for strength, inspiration, motivation and support. You cannot foresee every disaster or personal obstacle, but with DYP™ you are better prepared for the unpredictability of life and your response to it. DYP™ helps you regain control when life feels out of control.

Welcome to my first DYP™ blog post. I am Joana Breckner, and I am a three-time head and neck cancer survivor. My cancer journey began during a routine dental check-up in 2001 when my dentist discovered small white spots on my tongue. Since January 22, 2018, there is no sign of disease and I am considered cured. YEAH!!!

It’s been a long and super windy road, but here I am. As I reflect on my experience, I discovered my personal emergency kit filled with MY POWER. Each week, I will explore different ways to DYP™ including stories from my cancer journey, the challenges and fears of starting a new business, adventures from the home front including family and raising teenagers, and mostly, the unpredictability, craziness and pleasant surprises of daily life. Other stories will come from things I’m interested in or curious about. Finally, I’d love to hear how you DYP™. I’ve always been a sucker for a good underdog story, and I am fascinated by stories of adversity, beating the odds, or how people find peace even when the outcome isn’t what they were hoping for.

DYP is not…

  • Only about my cancer journey and being a cancer survivor. However, I am constantly inspired and moved by the honesty in which many cancer survivors are willing to share.
  • A promise, a cure, or a miracle.
  • A substitute for professional help.
  • A magic wand magically making all the bad disappear.
  • A guaranteed happy ending.
  • A requirement to purchase anything or learn a new skill
  • Me telling you how to discover your power. DYP™ honors each person’s unique and individual power.

Are you ready to join the #DYP community and share ideas? Are you ready to begin #DiscoveringYour Power,YourWay when you feel powerless? Are you ready to find control in the chaos? Are you ready to take care of yourself? Are you ready to create your own DYP Personal Emergency Kit™? Then, let’s DYP™ it together. To be an official DYP’er, please sign up for my weekly Power newsletter below!